Last week I accepted a job offer. (The offer came as a detailed written letter, which I had to sign and return).

I sent thank you notes after every interview, and now I want to thank the hiring manager for the job. I don't think there is any CT guidance specifically about this. My initial idea was another short thank you note, and I even planned to enthuse a bit and call it my "dream job" (which, on paper at least, it is). But most of the samples I have found on the internet are letters - perhaps only half a page or so, but more text than will fit on a note. The language is more formal than I intended, too.

Furthermore, most of the samples I looked at reiterate the acceptance of the offer. I don't think that's necessary in my case; a whole stack of forms with my signature have already gone to HR.

Will just a simple, warm thank you note cut it?