Firstly, great site, been reading/listening since 2008.

What advice to you give about posting specific questions in the forums about giving feedback etc. and then recommending to my team that they use manager tools as a resource.   Am I over thinking the danger of them recognizing a question about them?   I am not trying to disguise that always I'm  always learning, I'm more concerned that there may be issues for my company if I post a "what to do when an employee does xxx" type questions which lead to disciplinary action. thanks.

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I've seen a few posts lately where the first sentence is "I'm a long time participant but I'm posting this using a new user ID because I want to remain anonymous".  Also, I believe on most forums if you change your primary user id to a different name, it updates the display for all your prior posts too.  Maybe Mike can weigh in on whether this forum has that feature?

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It's great that you're sharing the site with your team. I think it is valuable to keep everyone familiar with what is driving your management behavior.

If you're concerned about the "my employee or co-worker did xxx," consider sending the question directly to Mark and Mike using e-mail ([email protected]). E-mail is a direct communication between you and the addressee. The whole Manager Tools team is great about responding quickly and providing great insight to specific situations they can't cover in a general podcast episode. The disadvantage is that you won't get the variety of experience from the whole community.

Once a forum post is out there, it is out there for everyone to see. If you have a doubt, send the e-mail. In the e-mail you can even say that you were considering posting it to the forum, but just weren't sure. I'm confident that if Mark and Mike thought it would be appropriate to bring up in the forum, they would share that with you. They are just as thrilled to have a vibrant, engaged community around the podcast as we are.

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If you want to change your username, I can help you with that. Just send me a private message with your desired new username.

To be clear, ALL your previous posts will have the NEW username as well. If there is any identifying information in your past posts, your cover is blown. :-)

One alternative to the issue is creating a new user account for those rare times you need to post anonymously. Plays havoc with our stats, but we can handle it. ;-)


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My dad once told me "Never say anything to anyone that you wouldn't want the whole world to know, because there's no such thing as a secret."  That said, as long as you've been impeccable with your words (here and elsewhere) and believe you've acted with integrity and professionalism, I'd say let go of the fear. 

About two years ago, I told my team that I was continually seeking professional development and that I loved the MT website.  Within ten minutes of the team meeting ending, one of my DRs had already located my user ID here and was apparently browsing my old posts!  I didn't share my user ID, by the way.  She was just that industrious and managed to pick out either the graphic I was using at the time, my writing style, the clue of "denver" in my name. 

There is no such thing as a secret so even if you mess with Mike's stats and register a new account just to post about the team, the odds are even that you'll be discovered anyway. 

By the way, the same advice applies to your colleagues and boss - don't say anything to them about your DRs that you wouldn't want your DRs to hear (second, third or fourth-hand.)  It happens.

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