Maybe I'm overdosing on podcasts lately but I recently found myself in a situation where I felt as if I had a little Mark H. sitting on my shoulder feeding me the right words.


Here's my story:

There was a moment of complete carelessness at my son's baseball practice where a player should have slid into second base but chose instead to level the shortstop resulting in the shortstop breaking his arm. This happened 2 days before the state finals.

The kids on the team are pretty concerned.

After practice the runner gave the injured shortstop a quick 'I'm sorry' then he and his family hurried home.

While discussing the event later with my son, and with Mark H. sitting on my shoulder feeding me the same words I've often heard in podcasts, I explained to my son that we're not judged based on our intent but instead we're judged based on our actions and behaviors. No one is accusing the runner of purposefully breaking the shortstop's arm but his actions most definitely caused the shortstop's arm to break and ultimately he's responsible.

There is a pattern of behavior with this runner as he's caused injuries and damage before though negligence and carelessness.


If you care to, please share times when you found yourself speaking Marks words.