does this situation follow the rule: “Never give feedback to your boss” or is it a chance to promote change within my team, utilizing my role as teamleader for communicating openly without fear in the blog to support the change?


The recent sourcing project in the company i work for has established a blog, to communicate openly the changes and the ideas of the senior management behind the sourcing project and to openly discuss the sourcing induced changes.

I am a team leader and a peer, the project manager of the sourcing project, asked me, why no one of the 400+ employees answers to the questions (3rd Posting since the blog started 09/01/15), stated by the management in their blogposts (If they would, their name would be visible under their posting).

In my opinion, and that was my answer, we do not have the culture for something like this. Either my coworkers are afraid of becoming number one on the sourcing list if they criticize or they are afraid of the other coworkers if they agree openly with the management statements. Neither way they see a benefit, only risk. This includes that most of the staff does not believe the management when they say: ”No one will get laid off, because natural fluctuation due to a high number of workers near retirement age, will mitigate the need for layoffs completely.”



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Hello, A.

What questions would the project manager like answered?

If they are vital to the project's success, the blog format is obviously ineffective and a risk to the project (evidence is 0 responses after 30 days). But, it was someone's idea and I don't recommend you be the one leading the charge to kill it. Considering you are one of the people who are not responding, answer your boss as an individual. Don't try to speak for your team here (let alone 400 people) unless they've told you why they're not responding. Just tell him or her why you don't respond.

Good luck,


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Thank you for your response. I did it the way you described. Worked fine for me. :-)