I'm out looking for jobs now and posting to both big Job Boards and applying for jobs online.  Most of the activity I get is with recruiters getting my resume off of the job boards, but I have found several positions to apply to that were posted.

It does make me a little nervous posting my information to the boards, but just because my current employer may see it.  If I'm going to put my resume out there, I'm prepared that 1,000s of recruiters will have my name, address, and phone number. 

The flip side is applying directly to companies that have posted on their own web site.  To begin with, it's pretty annoying to re-type the same information that is on my resume again and again (and then upload it during the application).  More troubling though it the information being asked.  I've been asked for SS#, Driver's License #, last 10 years address', and reference information.  Again - anonymous application to companies big and small.  I haven't even spoken to a recruiter yet, but have to put in this information in order to apply.

FYI...most of these are coming from the standard Kinexa application.  One of the industry standards companies use for recruiting.  This information is very sensitive for myself - even worse to give out reference info when you don't know if you are even going to be contacted about the position.

Thoughts or advice?