I have recently been tasked with creating a 15 minute video that shows how the Denver office (with multiple departments) has the power to make an impact and build synergy within our division (Major Accounts.)

I have been provided with a one-time-use camera that has no tripod capability and can only playback or delete the most recent scene taped.

The groups that submit the most creative videos will win & receive prizes (yet to be announced.)

This video needs to be complete by Wednesday June 6th.

Since the instructions they've provided are very vague, it seems that the sky is the limit. We can shoot at someone's home, office or "another appropriate space for our story."

I'd like to have a cohesive video as the final product -- rather than random clips of people sharing examples of synergy or arbitrary segments demonstrating "making an impact", something that has a common theme throughout (besides the impact/synergy bit, of course.) I'm not opposed to a skit but fifteen minutes worth of skit could seem tedious. (Additionally, there's a sentence in the instructions that says "It should feel like you are saying it for the first time" so I feel like there are conflicting messages in these guidelines.)

Anyone have any ideas? Thoughts? Comments? Sympathy?! LOL

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No tripod? Cheap video equipment? Searching for the legendary synergy? Sounds like the [u]Blair Witch Project[/u]!

Have fun with it!


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I've decided to go with a "Heroes" theme and cheat a little bit. I'm going to basically create the movie with the good tools I personally own, burn it to a DVD, put the DVD in the laptop, hook the laptop to the overhead projector, duct tape the cheap camera to something so it's stationary and play the DVD on the big screen, taping that!