Hey Guys,

I thought one of the One on One podcasts mentioned a PowerPoint used to introduce One on Ones to your team in addition to the sample email introduction to One on Ones.

Can someone direct me to this PowerPoint if it is available?



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The One on One Slides for introducing to your team are located here;

You can find the shownotes on scheduling one on ones here;

Hope that helps


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Thanks Ray,

I must have misunderstood the podcast a little. I thought the basic instructions were to send out email and then in next team meeting introduce via power point slides created and posted on manager tools. This power point looks more like one that would be delivered to a manager to educate them. Than one delivered to directs by a manager.

I'll have to listen to the podcast again. :-). Either way though, the PowerPoint was a nice and quick recap of one on ones.



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Hi Bryan,

I just used the PowerPoint slides and email. I tweaked both the slides and email to fit me. I just started a new job and took over a new team.  I introduced the change (i.e., starting one-on-ones) to the team at our staff meeting.  I then sent the email after the staff meeting. 

Best regards,


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Hi Ray,

For some reason the URL you listed here is taking me to the podcast page, and not to the slides. I've tried the URL in multiple browsers, but it is not working. 

I wonder if you could re-post it?

All the best!

Ms. Scottie Girouard

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Hi Ms. Scottie Girouard,


While I don't have the link for you.  I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.  The link no longer works for me either.  I'm now going to open a new post asking about the feedback materials.  We will see how that goes.  =)  Good luck locating the 03 slides... to make you feel better if you go without, I ended up not using the slides.

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Thanks for taking time to look into this. Glad I am not alone! All is good - I have been doing O3s for some time, but have a new team reporting to me now, and am introducing O3s to the team. I thought the slides might be a good refresher for all of us. Awesome if we are able to locate them soon, if not, I will simply proceed. All good. :-)



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Thanks Kendall for letting me how you went about it.

I ended up editing/sending the e-mail on this site and then intend on presenting it in the team meeting next week.  I think I recall that being the order described in the cast.. but I think the main concept is, say it multiple times so everyone can say they heard it once. 

We will see how it goes!


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Has anyone actually located the sample email or slides?  All that I come up with using the search (not very good) are a bunch of emails in non-english languages...  A bit miffed by that.



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Hopefully the title says it all. =)