(Disclaimer: I haven't listened to the PowerPoint podcast yet. I only jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago and have only gotten through about a dozen of the podcasts thus far.)

Having taught Six Sigma classes in the past, I can tell you that exercises always stick much better than PowerPoint. But also having created standard operating procedures (joy, joy, joy), pictures are better than words. It's easiest for the user when they have a hard-copy of a "how-to" guide next in their hands while they do it on the screen.

On more of a PowerPoint topic, I found the book "Beyond Bullet Points" by Cliff Atkinson a creative and powerful way to present material. While this is not for technical demonstrations, it is a great way to persuade your audience. The summary of the book shows you how to apply scriptwriting and classic storytelling techniques to your presentation. I've used it several times with great success.

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This presentation on, yes, presentations I found pretty helpful for presenting technical data from the Berkley Lab Institute.