While reading thru the sense of urgency slides I became distracted by the use of capitalization for all words. I've often wrestled with capitalizaiton when preparing my own slides. I've never notice (either way) on projected slides. However after reading thru the Manager Tools slides on sense of urgency I'm only going to use caps on the first word or a bullet / sentence.

Is there a reason too use caps?


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Hi jcnick,

Do you mean the premium content for 'Developing a sense of urgency in your teams' 1 and 2? As in below:

I can't see the premium content!! It is one of the casts I'm waiting on as well... am I going mad? Is there some techy reason I cannot see it?

:shock: Help!

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I don't see it either. M&M said that they didn't have all of the premium content finished yet. This must be one of the casts they're still working on.

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Will and John (and anyone else confuse by my post).

Sorry, I had 'Developing a sense of urgency in your teams' on my mind, but the source of the comment was another set of slides. The basic comment appear to apply to all the slides. Priotrity Management is an example.

Sorry again for the confusion.

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Ah I'm glad someone else has noticed this! It's really begun to bug me. Capitalised words all through is definitely a distraction IMHO.

What concerns me is that I'm sure Mark and Mike will have considered this very aspect and made a conscious decision to use the caps - I wonder what the justification for it is?

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Actually, I thought I remember Mike and Mark saying [b]not[/b] to use all caps in the cast on Presenting with PowerPoint. We may have caught them making a rare mistake...


p.s. It's equally possible that my memory is deficient. Unfortunately, the premium content for the PowerPoint cast is not yet available.

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The Title Case in PowerPoint bullets is my choice, and I'm fully aware that I'm violating a standard when I capitalize small words like of and an and and. It's not a mistake, just a personal choice.

Please note that PP bullets are NOT sentences. They essentially serve as headlines to the (invisible) cast points they are abstracting. If you look at newspaper headlines, you'll see they use Title Case (though without my change).

I don't care for using sentence case with bullets. THAT messes me up: I expect sentence-appropriate grammar, and then don't get it. That feels weird to me.

Sorry if it's irritating!