Pls explain how I can access the PDF Podcast summary notes for Premium members? I recently took advantage of the premium offering and I cannot figure out how to access the summary notes for all previous podcasts.

Also, How can I set up my I-Tunes to receive premium content (i.e. interviewing series) into my I-tunes?

Thank you for your help


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You'll see the Premium content at the bottom of each podcast post. Simply click on the item to view, right-click to save to your desktop.

PM me if you need any more help!


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Hello -
Follow-up question (probably more of a clarification). I am considering purchasing the premium content and am wanting to get the PDF & Show Notes from all of the historical podcasts.

[u][b]REAL QUESTION[/b][/u]: Is there a way to get all of the PDF & Show Notes without going to each podcast post and downloading each separately?

I really liked how the historical podcasts showed up in iTunes and I simply hit the "get" button and they all downloaded automatically. I am not looking forward to going into each podcast post and downloading separately for all historical PDF & Show Notes. A bit too manual for my tastes and if I sign up for the Premium Content - I am interested in downloading all possible information.

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I believe there is an RSS feed already set up. Check the FAQ section, Mike may have posted the information there.

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[quote="JDLaube"]I am interested in downloading all possible information.

Welcome Jordan,

M&M provide a tremendous volume of material. I have found it useful to employ desktop search tools to find the reference information I need from the show notes.

There are documented modifications that can assist you with modifying Google desktop search to scan networked drives.

PM me if you have questions.


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You'll find the answers to your questions here:

Please let me know if that doesn't do it for you.

best regards,

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Dear Julia, tlhousman & Mike -
Thank you for your replies...I think Mike's last reply hit the nail squarely on the head...

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One additional [secret] note ... with no fanfare, we recently implemented our Google Search Appliance (piece of hardware we bought from Google so we could improve our searchability on the site) as the search box for the Manager Tools site. What this means is that the *entire* site is now searchable from the search box. This means ... one search covers the blog, the forums, the member-only, and premium content (to include PDFs, Word Docs, etc.). Our hope is that this makes it MUCH easier to find the content for which you're looking.

Let's say this thing is in a Beta release ... please let me know how it works for you!


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I don't think that link works anymore - goes to the map of the universe.

I would like to download all the premium content in one go. Is this still possible?




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Sure thing, Dan. Just use the licensed content RSS feed. You'll find it the "subscribe" menu item under "Podcasts"