[b]BLUF: How should I expect the second interview to differ from the first[/b]?

I have gone through the first interview, submitted writing samples, and been invited back for a second interview for a position selling Dental Supplies.

The second interview is with the same man that conducted the first intervew - the regional manager. He conducted a picture perfect behavioral interview as described by M&M.

I feel very prepared by the interviewing series, so I don't feel like I need to change my preparation - I would just like to know what to expect!

Any ideas?

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If you feel you have enough of a rapport with him, call and ask. Something like: "So I can be best prepared for our next meeting, would you mind sharing with me how it's focus will differ from our first meeting? Would you like me to bring/prepare anything?" Just make sure you're asking an open-ended question, and he'll probably answer gladly, with a description of what he plans to cover, and how it's different from the first one.

Even if he doesn't share much information, you'll be distinguishing yourself from all the other candidates by this show of interest in the position.

Good luck evangilf - and I lived in Albany for twelve years.