Long-time listener / infrequent poster here. I appreciate all the advice I've picked up from listening and reading. 

I recently received an invitation to interview for a position that very much excited me. I would be working in a central office management role in a large urban school district; the job would involve supporting school turnaround efforts. 

As one of several tasks, I have been asked to prepare and deliver a 10-15 min (10 slide max) PowerPoint presentation about myself, my interest in the job, my relevant skills, and the challenges I anticipate in the role. 

I have never encountered a task like this before and would very much appreciate any ideas regarding how to approach the task. 

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Given the nature of a visual presentation is to display stuff that verbalising alone can't do, I'd be careful not to just list out your accomplishments there. Is there any way you can visualise your accomplishments? I assume you worked in the school system before, so is there any way you can display data that illustrates what you accomplished - e.g. improvements in attendance, grades, teaching quality, reading level, stuff like that?

I'd be wary of trying to present data on the current state of the district (that could dicey, really fast, esp. if your data isn't accurate) and talking about that, but that's just me. I've heard other people say it's a good idea to talk about the challenges you perceive. I think it's a bad  move on their part to ask that of you though. Your job is to talk about yourself; their job (besides listening and probing and judging) is to present what their challenges are to you, so you can explain why what you bring to the table is relevant.

Anyway, yeah, so basically I'd just be presenting *relevant* accomplishments in the data. As said, I'm sceptical of this whole practice of "guess what our challenges are!" game, but it is appropriate for you to understand why they're hiring and what sort of position they're in at the moment, and to then present some things you've accomplished which show your aptitude to handle their challenges.

Ping me a message if you'd like me to look at your slides btw. I can't promise anything magical, but if you'd just like a fresh set of eyes and a bit of feedback I'd be happy to help.




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