Hi guys,

I have senior role in a inside sales team for a company in the IT/networking sector. And I have now been given the role as a staff trainer for the employees at the site Im based (around 30) as a step in my career plan.

Im wondering what I should think of when Im putting the presentations together. It needs to be pretty technical so a 6-10 slide with a few bullet points will be impossible. But perhaps there is something else I could do?

I been thinking about doing something similiar to this:

* Short presentation with an overview, go to market strategy and competitve information
* Hands-on session
* a handout with all the technical specifications

Is this a good way, or should I change it?
Anything else I should think about?


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Hi Zazor

What are you supposed to be training them on? What's the learning outcome? Is this once only or an ongoing assignment (and if it's once only shouldn't it be ongoing, following the Horstman rule of say it 7 times, people hear it once!)

Are all the audience technical? If not, can you split them into two groups so you can talk tech to the tech guys and something simpler to the others?

What facilities will you have for training - just a conference room, or all singing all dancing room, where you could do something more complex?

How long do you you have for each session?

Loads of questions - sorry! But it'll be easier to help when we have more information.


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It will be ongoing with a full day of training every second week.
Most of the people I will be training is from a non-technical background.
And we only have a conference room that we can use.

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I'm sorry but I just can't make a recommendation without understanding more about what you're trying to do.

Please give us a long post with specifics, and I'll take another crack at it.