Hi All

I was just shown a feature in PPT that I did not know existed. It is called Presenter View or Presentation mode.

Basically, it allows you to see your current slide as well as some smaller (thumbnailish) views of your past and upcoming slides. It is available (allegedly) on all versions from 2003 on.

Hope you find this helpful.


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Makes transitions easy and natural, especially when you're using slides with very few words on them...


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Oh Hugh

What is this concept of slides with few words you talk about? ;)


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Seriously, if anybody's interested here are two great online resources:

Garr Reynolds' "Presentation Zen" (

Nancy Duarte's work supporting her book "Slide:ology"

And here's bonus, with podcats thrown in:
Ric Bretschneider's "Presentations Roundtable"

One caveat: this is high octance stuff, and most corporate environments will reject it due to shock to their systems....Therefore, sneak it in a little bit at a time....