For me these days there seems to be more expected when looking for a new job/career. I'm relatively new to this idea of using twitter and LinkedIn and maybe other tools, as part of a job search. So I have made for myself a list of things I think I should do as part of my job search to create a on-line presence. Although I have twitter and LinkedIn accounts I have to admit that I don't make much use of them. So as part of my job search I am thinking an overhaul is due.

My problem is that my job hunt now has a growing number of tasks including updating my CV, planning my job search campaign and above all, making sure my job search stays on track. I'm now wondering , if my ever-growing project has an increasing number of obstacles to prevent me actually finding a new job. When I friend challenged me to finding a new job by December, I realised that the basics for success were a CV, a job search plan and a good interview technique.

Although I think my other ideas are valid , I'm wondering what relative priority they should have. If I want to make use of tools like LinkedIn, twitter etc for my job hunt, is it necessary that I have them up and running before my CV is completed and before I start to apply for jobs ? Or is it still worthwhile making my CV my priority, then tweaking LinkedIn and Twitter whilst I do my job search ?

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I would make your first priority to select the company and position you want to have. To do that, I recommend removing the goal to have that new position by December. I've done a couple of job searches, both fast, and taking my time. Taking your time is MUCH better because it allows you to really weigh your options. I recommend the Choosing a Company to Work For series (you can find it in the Map of the Universe under Transitions and Search). Make sure you can answer the question, "What do you want to do, and where do you want to do it?". If you have a little budget, I HIGHLY recommend the Interview Series. $150 may sound expensive, but it is one of the best investments you can make for your career. Practice your interview, and be ready to nail it when you get there. Once you know where you want to work, try and get to know people who do or have worked at that company to get an insiders' opinion on the company to validate your assumptions. Then create your resume to match that position. Then hopefully you can use your network to get the resume to the top of the pile (you can go through the company job site - but the network is much more effective). Go through those steps and you'll land a job that you love and that you can keep for years. Good luck! mmcconkie

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It has worked for me multiple times and will work for you as well.