I am having a problem wherein my Android phone lists some episodes of the Manager Tools Enhanced Podcasts as .m4a format and will not play them.  It will, however, play .mp3 files perfectly.
I began experiencing this problem when my iPod recently died and I decided to try listening to podcasts on my Android phone instead.  I am using Doggcatcher to download the files.
Here is an example of the problem:  The recent "Hiring Overqualifieds" podcasts came in 3 parts.  My phone sees parts 1 and 2 as .mp3 files and will play them fine.  It sees part 3, however, as a .m4a and will not play the file.  Occasionally I get some sort of Java exception but other times simply nothing happens.  Other episodes showing up as .m4a files are both "No Dropping Dimes" episodes, all 3 "Coaching Example - Interrupting" episodes, and the "Direct Internal Passport" episode.
I emailed customer service earlier this week but have not heard anything in response.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate your help.