I am seeking some advice on how to word my professional designation (almost) on my resume.

I have completed all the necessary education and work experience for my accounting designation, all that is left is to complete my membership application and approval my the professional body before acheiving the designation.

This process will take apx 3 months, as the approval is only done at BoD meetings and the board only meets 4 times a year, thus I have to wait until January 2013 for the next meeting.

I am not sure how to best word this on my resume or cover letter. I have just been stating that I have completed all necessary requirements and am waiting for approval, but, as previously stated, I am not sure this is the best way to express this when I am competeing with designated professionals for the same position.

I have 20 years work experience in my field, moved up in the corporate world without a designation, but saw my options being limited without one so I went back to school and completed it, so I feel I have the necessary work experiece potential employers will want, but I have been turned down for some opportunities as I was not designated, (sorry for the run on sentance).

I appreciate any advice others could offer.

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How about, "Name of Professional Designation - Effective January, 2013"

  Good luck!

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I like Michael's...another option might be:

"Name of Professional Designation - (Pending) Effective January, 2013"

Then again, the "pending" may be implied by the future date.

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Is there any possibility of your application being denied?

If so, I would wait until I actually had it. Nothing looks quite as bad as walking into an interview in February and telling someone who asks that you don't have it yet.

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Don't lie.  That's really all there is to it for me.  Be honest about who you are and what you have. It sounds like you've been handling it as honestly as you can.  I don't know that there's a more effective approach that is also ethical.

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TomW - There is always a chance of my application could be denied, not sure why it would be, but we all know 'Until you have something you have nothing".

SteveM - I have a ethics clause in my membership agreement, even as a student we have to apply to the associations code of ethics. It is this reason why I asked the question here, as I did not know how to "ethically" state my postion. I also know there are a lot of hiring managers here and was hoping for some input from them as to what they might find acceptable.

Based on the comments above, I think I will contact my association and speak to a ethics advisor there and see what the association would find acceptable.

Thank you all for your input.

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 Might be a bit late but I would state it as:

"Professional Title - expected Jan 2013"


"Have completed all requirements for Professional Designation"

Either way you aren't lying or running the risk of embarrassing yourself if you are denied.  You have completed all requirements and are simply waiting on the approval board.

Just my 2 cents.