What is the Professional way to ask for references in preparation for searching for a new role?

who should you ask?

How do you ask (ie what are the right words to use)?

Is it possible to ask for a reference and not harm your peer relationships? if so how?

I am currently at a career crossroads and a new role outside my current one may be a real possbility. I want to be preapared with my recruiting documentation and I have my CV polised but I know that I will be required to present references at some point. I have been at my current company for many years and love it so I don't want to harm any relationships thru asking for a reference. This is particularly important if I choose to stay. it seems the act of asking for a reference automatically squeezes the professional relationship.


So, what is the MT way of asking for a reference.



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What i did was just ask. I basically said i wanted them as a reference because we have been in this and that project or we have been having contact in different customer related matters and you always seem so pleased with my work so far.

Its easier when you are praised because then you feel they then are wrong not to also give you a reference if you ask. Its harder if you "feel" they are satisfied but do not openly praise you.