Hi Managers,

I am a newbie project co-ordinator in need of advice. My frustration is college 'C' hijacked my IT Document Generation project.


Now i am sidetracked into helper-role. C is more experienced, and works here >4 years. 

I am a temp fill-in for a High Prio PDF-contract printproject lead by 'A', who briefed me a day or two before going on vacation about this project. The IT-manager is on vacation too.

I consulted C about the project, who kept his distance as advisor, but withing 2 days he invited himself to meetings, started making calls to (offshored) teamleads, writing mails..  This hijacking started by being "nice". First he asked politely if he could write emails, reply to phone calls etc, until he brutally just took over. He is smart, effective. End Users much easily approach him, because he has been here much longer, has been involved in many projects here, has an established credible reputation.

My project communication approach;

 1. Keep moving forward, not stall, contact offshored devs, requests status.
 2. Keep business key users involved, by regular feedback on progress.
 3. Proactivley involve team members, inviting comments, improvements & feedback.
 4. Twice weekly Current Situation updates, or as needed. To: <IT Manager>, CC: <team members>.
 5. Informal coffey-machine conversations about status, things i do, intend to do and issues..
 6. Weekly work-log of daily activities, (advised in a MT-podcast episode from <=2006??)
 7. Feedback to team members about project going-ons.


 My preferred working style;
1. Clear task/role definitions. Who does what by when.
2. team involvement. Experienced team member assist junior, and senior gets my (indirect) appreciation.

My projects being hijacked, its been plageing me forever. It must be something with my DISC profile.


How can I be;

1. polite, effecient
2. get the job done without getting into a clashes,
3. not loose my temp contract AND get the job done?
4. put this colleage back C on his place..?

My IT-manager has weekly one-on-ones. Working at this company is a 13 years dream come true!

My  DISC-profile: High S