Interested in people's views on this.  In playing around with my resume (which is in the recommended MT style), it occurred to me that possibly one of my most significant achievements over the past 4-5 years hs been maintaining strong diversity in my team.  

We consistenty outperform the rest of the organisation on many dimensions - I have more women than men, more female managers than male, more part-time managers than full-time, many part-time staff, different sexualities, different religions, different races, people being supported through mental health issues, and so on.

I don't ascribe all of this to me; it's not unusual in my field to have more women, for example.

But clearly, there is a team culture that is inclusive and welcoming of all, which is something I am very proud of, and an area where at times I've had to stand up to senior management and customers to ensure that this level of diversity is maintained (eg. pressure to force people to come up to full-time, which frankly is unfeasible for many young mothers).

However, when I look at how to describe that as an achievement, it seems quite odd to state that (for example) it's an achievement to have diverse sexualities in a team - hopefully in this day and age that's hardly even interesting or worthy of comment.

Does anyone have thoughts on this, or examples of how you would talk about diversity and inclusion in a resume context?