Looking for input.  I am in the process of promoting a manager to position of higher responsibility essentially over larger group of direct reports requiring more of a strategic mindset.  His current position requires more tactical thinking and is definitely more task oriented.  He has strong technical skills however lacks the strategic thinking.  He is being considered based on his technical skills and has got good results in current position.  In his current position he has the ability to spend more one on one time with direct reports. (concern is are the results his or is he able to inspire others to get them?)  In new position he wont be able to do this given the increased number.

What I am looking for are suggestions to help create a development plan for him moving forward that will target his ability to think strategically and will address his ability to inspire others to get the work done vs him telling them what to do and/or doing it for them.

Last item and more difficult one is his style is to have everyone like him.  He feels this style works for him and for a small team it probably does.  However with much larger team he will need to adjust and I am fearful he will get walked on if he doesnt change.

Just looking for ideas and/or suggestions on how to work with him on these to ensure his success.


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I guess the first question is if you've tried coaching the individual yet.  Has your new Manager been unable to think up resources to help him delegate effectively and think strategically?



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I think a good starting point for both areas of concern would be to work with him on a rolling 3-month view of what his team members will be accomplishing and by when.  You will need to help him create this and maintain it at first, but over time he should be able to own it.  A simple Excel spreadsheet will work fine (PM me if you would like an example that I use).

Strategic thinking is a broad subject so I am not sure I understand everything you want him to be able to do there.  However, starting with a high level 3 month plan that accounts for his entire team is good way for him to step out of the weeds and start down that road.  It can certainly lead to 12 month plans and beyond.

It will also lay the foundation for establishing firm deadlines for his team.  When you hold him accountable to these deadlines, it is easier for him to do the same for his team.  It is OK if he is a nice guy, as long as his team hits their commitments.  If he can not succeed in meeting the deadlines, you probably will not be able to keep him in the roll long term.

Hope that helps,