I have worked/managed in the feed industry over 20yrs until my previous employer ceased operation several years ago. I took a year hiatus evaluating future plans and to be honest, just taking a break. One of my largest conflicts with re-employment was to return to my previous career or looking at other options.

I had decided to stick within my comfort zone and accept employment with a previous competitor.

Having to start over was acceptable as the question was one of great importance during my interviewing process. The potential employer was well aware of my past accomplishments and future potential as noted during this time.

I had made clear my intentions of potentially reaching my previous management status while eagerly accepting the fact that I was once agian at the bottom of the food chain.

After eight months, I have been approached by management. I was asked of my intentions once agian [and as stated], I reiterated what was discussed during my interview(s). My manager, glad to hear my intentions had not changed, asked If I would be comfortable in a leadership role.  

Here's my issue...

I was informed of this role and while listening to the plan, the question needed to be asked as to what/whose role this position was eliminating as no new openings existed. When my future management group leand back, sighed and folded arms it became obvious, it was my current supervisor. 

I'm comfortable with this and able to work well under such situations but this time, the employee I will replace has become more than just a superior, he's become somewhat of a friend. I pushed for his promotion whenever the opportunity arose. I even shared my opinion that this individual should be the one who supervised myself and shift. I shook his hand with congratulations upon his promotion and now I will be taking his position. 

I already know most responses and suggestions but I guess I'm not looking for that, rather, I am looking to hear from others whom experienced this or similar situations. Anybody out there??

Thanks in advance for sharing your stories.