Is there a valid business reason for a company to not recognize an employee’s promotion?   The company I work for does not allow announcement to be sent out when one of our directs are promoted.   This does not seem correct to me.

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The company really "does not allow" such announcements?  Or just doesn't allow non-HR staff to do it? Maybe this is HR's responsibility (it is in our company, for example), and they don't want every manager in the company doing it differently than one other?

If they really do not allow it at all (by anyone), that does seem strange.  Why would you deliberately want to keep internal employee advancement a secret?  Seems hard to believe, but ask HR to find out what the reason is.

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I agree with Dent. At my last company, we did want them to all come from one central source, inside of HR, so that managers weren't sending things out before they were "final final" and to make sure they all had a consistent look and brand.

I would ask! And if they don't "allow" it now - keep pushing to find out why and how to change that policy, it's just bad!