I have the opportunity for a promotion. I'm not sure I want it though. I'm currently a front line Manager at a large publisher with 21 directs. My manager is also getting promoted, therefore I would still report to him. This is OK. He is a D and I'm a equal high I & S. Can you see the conflict? I call it challenges. Actually it works out well, he has to reel me in once in awhile, while I get to push him out occasionally.
The Dilemma:
[list]Half of this responsibility would entail leading part of the factory, a large press room specifically. I have absolutly no passion for manufacturing.
We are trying desparately to change our culture. I have taken a lead in our company to make this happen...Part of why I'm being considered. My boss doesn't have my vigor for this vision at times.
I have a huge project going on right now and want to see it completed. I know... I could delegate it to one of my current peers.
My boss and a peer of mine are best friends. This peer, an ultra-anal high D & C, is also interested in this position and his name is in the hat also.[/list:u]
The good:
[list]I am confident I can interview 200% better than my peer.
I am confident I am 200% more qualified than my peer.
I am confident that my resume is 200% better than my peer's.
My Director, my bosses boss, has given me a ton of positive feedback regarding this promotion. He is a way-high S. Like the cool grandpa that takes you fishing.[/list:u]
My questions & thoughts:
[list]I'm confident I'll get the offer. At that time do I dare ask to change some responsibilities.
Should I broaden my horizons and take on the press-room also?
Conducting the interview will be my boss, his boss & a HR rep.
Do I focus my interview on my Director, as he is the highest ranking and my best ally in this?[/list:u]
Any feedback would be appreciated.

M&M, sorry- I reread this and its loaded with passive sentences. I don't feel up to rewriting on the weekend.

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Congratulations :D ...but how can we help, specifically?