So snapshot of my story is that I have been with this company since 2014. Worked as a team leader for a year got promoted as a manager with great salary increment. worked the next whole year as a manager - took 14 months maternity, resumed back to the same role. 1 week after, a counter part resigned and I was pushed to fill in. I took 3 months to gauge what this role tastes like and agreed to take it on. By this time, it was time for mid year review where I was told the company doesnt do mid year promotions or salary increments. When discussed, my boss quoted around 15-20 % raise as per the market value. I agreed waiting for the year end PR. I have been promoted to this role(I have been doing for a year already) however I am given a 3.5% raise. Talking to my boss's boss, I am told nothing much can be done as the decision isnt his but the MDs. I have even asked him to arrange for a meeting with MD and he is hesistant. He is showing empathy to my case but doesnt seem to be helping in the situation?

What do you advise? 

Leaving the job - I have thought over it, its just that I have been in this new role since last 1 year, I do not feel too confident to apply for this role elsewhere and havent been in touch with the earlier role since years. I feel I have been deceived as I havent been compensated for the job I have been doing for the whole last year for free??

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You have two options. You can continue working for what they are paying you or you can leave. They know the work you do and know what they pay you. They didn't pull your salary increase out of a hat. They strategically offered you 3.5%. I don't think talking to anyone will change your raise any meaningful amount.

I would have a serious trust issue with a boss who did what yours has done.

Even if you gave notice and the company offered you a 20% raise to stay, would you stay? I wouldn't because I wouldn't trust anything my boss says because he (intentionally or unintentionally) lied.

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Hello Arya,

We suggest you stick to the job for now and get yourself acquainted with all the techniques/processes. This would take at least 6 more months. Try to learn diverse stuff, that's what a manager is supposed to know. 

Post that you could start looking for job openings and finding a suitable job would take 3-4 months more. Once you have an offer in hand, you can always negotiate with your current boss/MD. It would be the appraisal season then.

Worst case - if they don't budge you can take up the offer that you have. Although we are sure that your boss wouldn't let you go!

Let us know if this sounds workable to you :)

Good luck :)

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Thank you for your reply.

I am also thinking to go legal as I feel very strongly about my case. 

Had a meeting with the MD and he says he is empathising and he doesnt have much in his control now.

He was also showing his concern that this shouldnt have happened and he will be carefully approving the next year's approvals. He is new to the role as the new md transition took place in March this year.

I am feeling devastated as I have been made a fool of by delivering what was expected and I am given nothing in return to to acknowledge my contribution.

Your thoughts on going legal please?

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Our experience in this domain suggests that legal usually supports the management; unless it's a case of harassment (which it clearly isn't).

We would still stick to what we advised you before: learn the tricks of the trade - evaluate other options - check if your current employer can give you a hike, if not move on! 

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Thank you for your answers. For me this is very important information.