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Just came from a meeting that caught me off-guard.

I'd done the needful by pre-wiring an executive regarding some organizational process changes. I had a meeting beforehand with her (and other executives) detailing the proposed method. I'd had a meeting reviewing suggestions from members of staff and allowing them to voice their concerns. I sent her a draft of the proposed method for her review (which she delayed responding to, then she said 'send it!')..

We're in the meeting, and one of the critical areas of change, listed on the meeting agenda for us to run through, she objects and says she never agreed to, and doesn't agree with. I was stunned. After all the pre-wiring and legwork that was done in anticipation of this meet, she blocks the proposed process.

Anybody have suggestions on how to deal with an executive that agrees at pre-wiring, and then in meet at a public forum, changes his/her position? 

I made every attempt not to 'disagree' at the meet (didn't use 'but').. BUT.... 

I pushed through a 'lets try this approach and reconvene'.

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I think it was in another forum post about a year ago that someone wrote, "If you're talking about someone, shouldn't you be talking to that someone?" Or, something similar.

Set up a meeting with her in private as soon as you can and smooth this out. Talk to your boss first to keep him or her in the loop, gain support, and seek advice.

Life can be messy sometimes. I walked into a classroom on Ft. Hood one day where they train soldiers in armored warfare. This quote was on the whiteboard: "Murphy's Third Law of Armored Warfare: No plan survives the first contact intact."

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I agree with GLENNR, go see the executive and try to find out what's going on. There could be a myriad of reasons why she publicly opposed you, including she didn't completely understand your proposal.  She may have received additional information after your meeting and changed her mind.  Her resounding rejection could be tied to office politics.  Ultimately, go figure out what's up. Be professional.  Covey said it best..."seek to understand".

@GLENNR - Murphy wasn't a treadhead!  His laws of warfare equally applied to us crunchies too! :-)

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Thanks, guys - I'm going to try the approach y'all have suggested..

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