Hey Everyone,

I wanted to say thank you to Manager-Tools for giving actionable advice each and every week! I never knew how much I appreciated it until I tried to get some advice from peers in the Canadian public practice accounting community. 

Our firm's workflows are non-existent. This means that we miss/forget client deadlines and work to catch up more than we should. I set out on a mission to develop a workflow system which would do the following:

  1. Provide a framework for engagement status reporting,
  2. schedule the various aspects of each engagement to the correct individuals,
  3. and to provide back up, thus missed deadlines due to slipping through the cracks. . 

However, I didn't know what a working system/software/etc... would look like because this is my first job in public practice - and no one here knows what it looks like. 

I contacted people in my industry that I have in my network. Most are more than willing to give advice and discuss the topic. Not a singe one, however, was able to tell me specifically "here's what that looks like" or "here's the software we use."

In the end, I have only collected vague suggestions with no actionable components. It leads me to believe that a lot of my competition are just as clueless as I am!

THANKS MANAGER TOOLS for providing working solutions to many issues. I think it's time for you to start Canadian-public-practice-small-accounting-firms Tools. I'll be your first subscriber! 

Michael Boyko