Just a general question...

Is a Toastmaster's club a good use of time? I would like to become a skilled public speaker, and while I am doing all the public speaking I can, I am looking for some feedback and constructive criticism.

Any thoughts or experience with Toastmaster's?


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If you go to 'Search' and type in Toastmaster, you'll find a few discussions on this topic held fairly recently.

Hope this helps!

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Mark and I have some moderately strong opinions ... join IMMEDIATELY!

Subtle enough? ;-)


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After such a passionate endorsement I have no choice but to join immediately. Thank you for the input.

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The private college I went to required everyone to be in a speech "club" with a program based on Toastmasters (and everyone had to take a speech class freshman year, as well).

They did segregate it by men and women, but even so it was tremendously helpful to me. I don't have to make presentations in my job, but I have no doubt I could if called upon. :D

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I joined our company sponsored Toastmasters club about 2 years ago. It's been a very great, supportive environment. It's the type of environment where you get back everything you put into it and then some. On the other hand, if you just attend meetings and don't participate by giving speeches, evaluating others, or filling one of the meeting roles, then it may seem like a waste of time. Those that have continued successes in Toastmasters are those who participate.

Toastmasters members are interested in giving and getting constructive feedback and practice. In addition to presentation and public speaking skills, Toastmasters has helped me with giving good feedback, organizing clear and concise speeches, and quickly making a point.

Best wishes. Tell us about your first Toastmasters experience!


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I've always considered myself a decent speaker, and I joined it when I was an undergrad. The learning hasn't stopped since, and I've joined Toastmaster clubs in NY, Taiwan and now Hong Kong. Toastmasters is great for learning valuable public speaking methods and meeting people from all walks of life.

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I will echo everyone who said that Toastmasters is absolutely an excellent use of one's time. I have been a member for seven years, having joined because I found it very difficult to speak up in meetings. Toastmasters literally changed my life.

Not only am I now conducting effective meetings myself, I have moved into management and am even being farmed out by my supervisor to facilitate and plan other meetings around our corporation...and that's only one situation where Toastmasters has helped me.