Hey Everyone, 

Should I include a business card with my thank you notes?

I don't want the receiver to be unable to identify me by my thank you note or be unable respond by email if they choose to. In most cases, that isn't an issue because the impact they have had on me, and the fact I send the notes out once a week, is often enough for people to remember who I am (if I am not all ready an acquaintance.)

I am afraid that by sending a business card the perception will be that I am doing this as a means of drumming up business. I would be interested in other's opinions in this regard. I don't want the sincerity of my notes to be undermined by including a business card. I suspect, however, that sending a business card isn't a faux pas, and that I am being overly sensitive to the emotions of the receivers. 

I have been mailing out 5 thank you notes every week for years. I started this after hearing it mentioned on a manager-tools podcast. I love it. Every Friday, I write cards for the 5 most important things I can think of during the week. I am not afraid to recognize even mundane things, if I can't think of anything better. My rule is 5 per week, no matter what. Sometimes this means sending a note to a particularly cheerful gas attendant or to my wife for covering my night to cook dinner. Usually, I can thank a vendor for making a special delivery or the program chair at my university for seeing me without an appointment. 

Truth be told, I like weeks where I only have minor reasons to send a thank you card. It makes me feel good knowing that people are receiving a note for little things of positive intent that they do. 

Thank you for any suggestions you can offer. 

Michael Boyko

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