Let`s say after interviewing a few candidates, it becomes clear that one of the interview questions is a dud (confusing to the candidates or doesn`t get to the information you want to get). What is best - keep asking it "as is" to be consistent across candidates, or change the question to another question that will get the information I need, more effectively? I want to do the latter, and then evaluate the candidates while keeping the change in mind, because I want to hire most effectively, but others are hesitant because it may give later candidates an advantage. 

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Call the question, which behavior is more likely to get your firm a better candidate?  By retaining a bad question your group may be losing a great candidate thinking "why would I work for them?"

Even worse yet, by being "fair", is there a higher chance your group would hire candidate who is not a good fit?

Set the bar high.

Did you use the Manager Tools Interviewing Interview Creation Tool?

Are you using the Interview Results Capture Meeting?

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Give up the question. there's no good reason to keep asking a bad question. 

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Thanks guys, confirms my instinct. I am happy to report I did use the Manager Tools interview creation tool and as many of the relevant podcasts as I could (including the one you link to)!