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BLUF: Do I provide feedback about one of the interviewers to the decision maker and if I do, when?

I interviewed for an internal promotion in my company today. I've been in the "Acting" role for a little over a month and I've built a relationship with the VP who I'd be reporting to. I did 4 interviews today. One of them was NOT prepared to do the interview. He admitted to me that he hadn't read my resume and that he didn't have time to do the interviews. The questions posed were not primary importance to the position I was interviewing for, and were also very pointed/detailed which don't address how a candidate would respond to the role, but how much they know about one piece of performance based government contracting (None of the programs in the division I was interviewing for are performance based, his division is primarily performance based contracts). The end of the interview resulted in him letting me know that the division I'm interviewing for needed to change direction and our primary focus, which I disagree with, and I believe the team would disagree with.

I'd like to provide this feedback to the VP but need to know what everyone thinks about providing the feedback, and then when should I do it? There is 1 more day of interviews for other candidates, so do I wait until all the candidates have interviewed with all 4 people? Do I respond immediately? Do I let it slide?

Thanks for all your help.

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