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I heard the the show on resume some time recently. (I am new bee to Manager Tools). I have the following questions regarding resume writing.

I have faced a number of situations like the following.

I work in a team with 2 or 3 members. I have come up with some very good ideas. But there when final product that comes out is not exactly similar to the initial idea proposed. It undergoes a series of changes (thanks to the opinion/ corrections from other members of the team). I really value the suggestion of the team members, but the problem is that there are times when final product comes out it will have a so much of other persons ideas that it will look like his idea completely.I acknowledge others contribution but how do I put it my resume that the product is actually my idea (or I started the product idea)

Extending this to the implementation phase(I am software engineer). I would have implemented a particular system for the project, but the system might be ultimately discarded when the final product is out. How do I mention these in my resume.

I am also on the other side of the road many times. Like, I have given suggestions to a project and it finally succeed. How do I take credit for the same without taking too much off the person who came up the initial idea.

Sundar Rajan G S

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You need to get your involvment and success on your resume. How about saying something like

Developed the idea for x
Designed the initial system for x leading to the development of y
Led the team responsible for x
Proposed the idea for x
Reviewed and strengthened the design / implementation of X

I'm not a IT person so the examples above may not be correct but remember its all about the use of the action verbs.

Hope this helps


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The reply regarding resume is very useful to me!

Sundar Rajan G S

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What Edmund said is spot on.

And, you can also say, "member of a three person team which..."


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What Edmund said is spot on.

And, you can also say, "member of a three person team which..."


Thanks for the feedback Mark, much appreciated