Does anyone know the podcast (or have any recommendations) where guidance is given on how to quickly go trawl through a bunch of submitted job applications (resumes and responses to selection criteria) to shortlist those to proceed to interview.

I recall there being lots of casts of interviewing, but can't recall or find info on choosing a shortlist of candidates to take to interview.


UPDATE 2012-11-21: Basically, all I'm doing at the moment is:

  1. Scan resume. Do they even have the minimal technical skills I need? If not, classify as "not satisfactory".
  2. Read Responses to Selection Criteria, making a note STRONG/OK/WEAK for each and why.
  3. Read Resume. What am I *really* look at in the resume? I've just been getting a feel of their history and skillset.

Is this an OK approach? Any ideas on whether this can be done faster, ensuring to "set the bar high", but making note of key points why I'm rejecting applicants?

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I like the Strong/OK/Weak designation and have used it for typos if attention to detail is a requirement of the position, and for comprehensibility of the resume if persuasive written communication skills are required.