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About 10 months ago, my boss retired and I became the defacto head of my department and assumed many of his responsibilities. As an avid MT listener and reader, I know that it's absolutely reasonable to not expect any sort of immediate extra compensation for increased responsibilities.

Since then, my team has achieved great results. I am regularly complimented on them by my boss and other leadership. After about 6 months it became clear that no replacement for my former boss was going to be hired and instead I would continue as the defacto leader of my part of the organization. I thought some sort of official recognition would come along but it never did. I always have in mind Mary Barra's "I've never asked for a pay raise" story (at GM).

So I did my research about asking for a pay raise, listed my accomplishments, found comps of peers in my industry and even in my own city and organization (yes, I listened to all the raise 'casts). Just after I decided that I would ask for a raise (something I've never done before), my latest boss decided that he is going to retire in 6 months.

I asked anyway. He said that he was glad I asked and that he was fully supportive and that I am deserving, and didn't even need any convincing in the form of accomplishments and comps. But he said that he couldn't make promotion decisions as a "lame duck." He said that, *if* he is able, he will strongly suggest a promotion to his successor (in 6 months, minimum). And asked that I help with a proposed new job description, which I will do.

The money is less of an issue than the fact that I sort of feel like I've been and am continuing to be strung along. Perhaps I should have asked earlier, or perhaps he could have initiated this before announcing retirement? I worked hard to establish a relationship with my current boss (still relatively new to me). I'm loathe to ask for anything from a new boss before a relationship has been established and more results achived.

This feels sort of like a "raise dangle" (yes, I listened to that one). If it were a direct "no" at least I would have the knowledge that I need to move on. 6 months plus several more before any movement on this means that I will have been in this defacto new role for, possibly, a year and 9 months or more.

Am I being impatient?