Hoping for some suggestions on how to explain to existing customers why a business has failed to deliver on its product road map.

The backdrop is that around a year ago a product road map was created and key customers were taken through the main aspects. Shortly afterwards the business took on a major new project which forced all resources away from the road map to work on this new project. Hence, in a year nothing has happened to move the product forward.

The business is now starting to re-engage with the customers who were briefed a year ago. Any suggestions on how to handle this situation?

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Honestly is probably best. Understand, or at least think about and acknowledge, what impact this will have on the customers. Don't stress too much about detailed explanations - we all have resource constraints and frankly, the customer couldn't really care less (see point about thinking from customer perspective). Be ready to explain how you're going to handle this from now on (will the thing stay on ice or have you got resources now?). Don't forget that your personal reputation depends as much on how you handle this as on the thing itself. But first of all, don't do this all on our own, get a feel on how far your superiors will back you (or if they won't). Don't fall on your sword for what is a pretty common business issue. And Good Luck !

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I recommend a book titled "The Lean Startup" by Erik Riis.  This can help you in your message.