Hello all

i was interviewing with a large professional services firm and received an offer. Really am interested in working here, career, profile, etc. The issue is the package is FAR below what I'm currently on and doesn't take into account potential increases from the good year I've had in current firm. They knew what I'm currently on so I've looked for them to reconsider the package. They'll be within their rights to deny this and leave offer as is. The drop is about 20% full remuneration and benefits. I still want to work here, just not for something I'd get as a non manager. 


Thanks for feedback


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It may help you reach the answer if you define the question Paul.

What do you want?

What are they offering?

What are you prepared to sacrifice/negotiate out for it?


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Hi Tim


sorry, was a bit of a vent. I didn't reject, I asked them to look at their initial offer. 

My question was how should I deal with this initial offer. I'm awaiting update from HR team, can take time. I'm hoping that a there's some improvement and I'd be happy to accept.

on a side note, I know in the 'how to resign' podcasts they mention not using resignation letters. I've a contract with 2 months notice and under local legislation I think I need to supply one. 

Going to be done big change