Just got two of your recommended books: Influence and The Effective Executive. Wow. Good stuff!

As a Marketer, Influence captures beautifully the ideas behind how to get people to do what you want them to do. I've already folded the corners on a half dozen pages for further review.

I got a lot out of just reading the Intro to the Effective Executive. Amazing how much you can get out of an Intro! It's pretty intense reading, so I'm going to take it in more bite-size morsels.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to hearing about more recommended reading!

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Good call on the books. Influence is an interesting little gold mine for marketers. If you look at more than our blog, Seth Godin's blog is a good one for marketers.

And yes, TEE is SO densely packed with value, I also read it in little bits.


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Thanks again for the copy of TEE, it's such a good book, I'm about a third of the way through and am finding it hard to put down!

I'll post a book review once I'm done on my blog, I'll cross post here so you can see what I think.


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Glad you're enjoying it. I look forward to your review! Drucker is the MAN.


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For a bit of light hearted and too-close-to-home black humor, a favorite of mine is Dr. Kersten's [url=]"The Art of Demotivation"[/url]. You'll not find a better researched book nor a funnier one on organizational thinking, though I caution that if you find yourself agreeing [b]too[/b] much with the premises presented in the book, you should back away slowly so nobody gets hurt. It is a fun bit of managerial venting, though, and puts employee needs in perspective.

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Oh, now THERE is a true classic in management literature! Well recommended!

Of course, Mike and I wish Dr. Kersten's podcasts and vidcasts were less popular (they're one of the few between us and number one sometimes), but we still love

My favorite is, "MOTIVATION - If all it takes to motivate you is a pretty poster, you must have an easy job - the kind that will be done by robots soon."


Glad you're aboard. Humor never hurts!


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I listened to your recommended reading cast this morning at the gym and stopped at barnes and noble to pick up TEE on the way home. I look forward to reading it. Thanks for the suggestion.

On the periodicals, I am curious how much is too much? I am in IT and subscribe to about 10-15 magazines about my industry (amazing how many freebies there are if you look) and another 2-3 about the specific business area I work with and support. I try to flip through each of them (usually takes 5-10 min per mag) but am finding it difficult to keep up with the stack. And now after your recos, I need to add Fortune, HBR, and WSJ to my list too. :)

Am I correct in thinking it is time to pare it down? Or is a five minute flip across so many worthwhile enough to try to keep up with it? I literally get 10 new magazines a week.