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I am a local government administrator. Three years ago, I interviewed for a position similiar to my current positon in another community. The position is appealing because it is closer to home, is more challenging and has salary growth opportunities. Ultimately, I did not recieve the offer as it went to an internal candidate for political reasons. The person who made the decision (the Mayor) told me this several weeks later when we crossed paths at a local store. At the time, she explained that I was an excellent candidate and that if the position should open up again in the future she hoped I would apply.

Fast forward three years and the job has been reposted. The City Manager (who works for the Mayor) phoned me and requested that I apply again for the position as I was a "strong candidate" last time around. I applied and have completed the first round of interviews which consisted of two panel interviews, 11 people total (I can see Mark and Mike cringing at the thought). I have been asked back for a second interview with a small panel of three people, including the Mayor, City Manager and Finance Director. While this will be the second interview this time around, this will be the fourth time I have interviewed with each of these people, as all them were part of the process three years ago.

Do you have any advice or suggestions for how to handle a second/fourth interview for a job for which I was initially not hired but have now been recruited for? I was not promised anything when I was recruited, I was simply told "I hope you will consider applying". So, there are no guarantees that I will emerge as the top (or close to top) candidate again. I do not know how many other people applied or were interviewed initially or how many people are being brought back for second interviews.

I'm feeling frustrated and awkward about having to go through the process again. I would appreciate any insight about how to make sure I "seal the deal" this time.

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