The "contacting recruiter" podcast was excellent as is so many of the others that Manager Tools (Mark & Mike) have put together.

In the podcast you mention having / maintaining a relationship with more than one recruiter. I can speak from personal experience as to the importance of your recommendation.

In the past I worked with one recruiter for my last two jobs. Unfortunately, I failed to maintain contact with this recruiter, and failed to cultivate a relationship with an additional recruiter. This recruiter has since left the business.

I have begun developing a relationship with another recruiter (as per Manager Tools) whom I was referred to by a colleague in my industry.

I don’t want to put “all my eggs in one basket”.

As I pursue cultivating a relationship with an additional recruiter should I tell him / her that I have begun working with the 1st recruiter and vice versa?


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Assuming we are talking about contingency recruiters.

I don't see how it could hurt telling the second that you have engaged the first.

Rather the opposite by telling the second recruiter, essentially you have engaged two recruiters, shows that you are a candidate that will seriously consider good opportunities outside your existing firm.

Good Luck!