I'm not looking for a position, but I leave my linkedin on "open to work" because I'm always interested in seeing what's out there, and if a great opportunity comes along I'll accept it.

My question is why do recruiters constantly lie to me? I work somewhere with publicly posted pay ranges and benefits and multiple recruiters say to me without solicitation that their benefits are "comparable". I've received offers for 50% of my current pay and benefits with a cash value of 10% of my current benefits after being told their benefits are "comparable"

I've also been lied to repeatedly about the relationship between a recruiter and the company he's recruiting for. One person told me "I've known the management at x company for 30 years", but after a first interview told me "This is great, we've never had anyone advance past the first round of interviews before". Does anyone expect me to belive he's been recruiting for him for 30 years yet had zero candidates move past the second round of the interview process?

My question for the community is why is this acceptable behavior. I recall in a podcast Mark ruled someone out for not listing a job he had for 6 weeks on his resume, why are blatant attempts to deliberately deceive acceptable? Are candidates supposed to accept lies from recruiters, HR, and management because it's just business, yet also always tell the truth to them?