I hope that I am not being too silly here but a job posting seems ambiguous.  Posting says, "Send resume, writing sample, references, and cover letter by February 27, 2015...".

Do they want a list of reference or do they want letters of reference on your behalf?  I would call them and ask for clarification but the listing also says, "no calls please".  hah.  

Any thoughts?

Many thanks! 

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You might want to consider sending them both: a couple letters and a few professional references. Because, as Mark Horstman says, 'Until you've got something, you've got nothing.' Good luck!

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They are asking for four items:

1.  Resume

2.  Writng sample

3.  References

4.  Cover letter

I don't believe reference letters are even done anymore as they generally don't say much except nice things and can easily be faked.



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Looking again...since it says, 'references,' it does sound like they're asking for people to contact and NOT a letter. If it were me, and I have one on hand. I would send it with the rest of the information. I have been in hiring situations as recent as the past year where a letter of reference opened a door. I'm not disagreeing with you, dtiller. They may be antiquated. But, there also still many offices that use fax machines, pagers, snail mail, etc., for example.