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BLUF: Should I provide references from my past employers when it has definite potential to reach my current employer?

Background: I need to provide references for a position outside of my current organization.  Problem is, most of my references come from a very tight-knight professional community.  I work regularly with my past two employers where I would draw relevant MT-approved references from.

Everyone on my list knows they are on my list of references but I'm concerned that if I reach out to these references to prep them, word will leak to my current employer, negating my exit plan.  I wish I could say I had more references I trusted to be quiet but in my profession, word spreads fast and you can't rely on much discretion about career moves.  It is critical that I leave with as much good will as possible because I will (potentially) be moving into a position where I will serve as the account manager for my current organization AND my two previous employers.  (I can't seem to leave old employers alone!)

I have others outside of these organizations that could serve well but won't be as high quality as those inside.  Suggestions?