Hi Mark and Mike and hello to the community

I feel this is a long overdue introduction and I thought to do so since some time. But this time I really have to. My company is working in clinical research as a service provider for drug approvals. We have 18 offices all over the world. The reason why I feel to write this introduction and simply want to say thank you for all the advice you provide is because just recently I had to jump in and head up an office of >160 people. You won't belive on the huge benefit I took from listening to all of your podcast.

In my function as an Associate Director Project Management I have already implemented some of the tools you provided in my group, e.g. One-on-Ones and the Feedback Model. It is really cool stuff that works.

But now having even more responsibility all that soft skill training you provided is more than helpful in my daily work life.

Thanks heaps and keep on going.


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Hello Christopher,
I see your are longer here in this forum than me. It is great for me to see that this is an international forum and we could have a look at managment practice all over the world. And it feels good to meet other germans here too.

Hope you have had a good start with your challenge and going on well!

Viele Grüße aus Stuttgart,

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Hi Judtih

Apologies for not responding. Holidays season :-)

Just want to say thank you for the warm welcome.

Viele Grüße