BLUF: For those of you using Slack or Microsoft Teams, did your company replace general email (ex. HR communications, performance, etc.) with these tools? If so what were some of your lessons learned?

I work for a small Silicon Valley startup and we are considering replacing our general email usage with Microsoft Teams. Leadership asked me to pull together a plan on how to do this. I have limited experience with Microsoft Teams for communication and am looking for some feedback on what others experienced while making this change. It is widely understood in the company that the behavioral change to accomplish this goal will be the largest hurdle.

Thanks in advance!

Michael Stahl

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I think I have a minority opinion here, but I'm not a big fan of this trend. My previous (15 person) company used Slack, which I loved. My current (100 person) company uses Teams and I think it has devolved into a noisy mess. To me, it's the same trend as business activities moving toward text messaging. 

I think a big factor is here the people using these tools, not the tools themselves. You can use Teams/Slack respectfully and effectively, or you can use email poorly. So your small startup may use it really well. 

With email, particuarly company wide email, thought tends to go into it to make it consumable. And then I can consume it on an asyncronous schedule. Now we have these channels, with some information expected to be time sensitive (such as, a technology outage of some kind) and other information that could wait 24+ hours. 

For context, I'm 33 but usually have a more "old school" mindset than most of my peers.