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The following question applies to any type of business/industry.

I'm looking for business information about what is typically reported internally within a company from line managers through Programme Managers to Portfolio Managers then up to Exec level. Mission critical stuff.

[b]If we [u]exclude[/u] financial reports, what are the top 5 areas of general business that need to be channeled up through the food chain to the top?[/b]

Project stage gate information, milestones, KPI's, resourcing, and such would be in the list, I suspect but there could be other more important information that is essential for the C - level group.

In the company I work for, there is so much noise generated at the project management level in the way of reports etc that the essentials seem to get lost. Focus on what is important appears somewhat blurred if clear reasons for the reports are not given.


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I think it's much more simple than that. We spent months coming up with metrics for our organization, assuming we knew what our senior management wanted. After pounding our heads to make our metrics look right and make sense. We simply asked how they wanted us to manage our group and how they wanted it measured. Within 30 days, we had all of the numbers they wanted and more.

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Sorry, but there's a point at which some questions here feel like a Philosophy Final Exam:

"Define the universe. Be specific. Give two examples."

We couldn't cover this topic in TEN casts.

Basically, the answer is that each company decides for itself with the goals it sets. Financials are the only commonality, and the true excluding them is... gee.