[b]BLUF: If at all possible, it would be fantastic if ya'll (M&M) would include the running time of the podcast in the play/play-in-popup area.[/b]

I don't have an iPod or MP3 player that I can hook up to grab podcasts to listen to whenever I want which means I generally listen whenever I can at work.

I listened to the Twitter cast and was surprised it was only about two minutes long. If I knew - up front - how long a particular podcast would be, I would be better able to select casts appropriately. If I have ten minutes between appointments, I know I can listen to Cast A whereas if I have an hour block, I know I could choose three casts out of the ten possible fits into that block.

I've only listened to a very, very small portion of casts (O3s, FB, Race Don't Chase) and I [i]really [/i]want to spend time with all the other casts you have out there.

Being a high D, I like to know what I'm getting into. If you include the running times, I believe I'd be more inclined to aggressively pursue cast-listening.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Can you put iTunes (or another podcatcher) on the PC you use and use the RSS feed? iTunes and many of the other podcatcher packages will display running time and other information against the cast.

You can [url=]download iTunes[/url] for free. It's what I use now (I did use RSS radio for a while but then our firewall changed and RSS radio couldn't handle it).


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Unfortunately, I'm not allowed (corporate policy) to download anything onto my work computer and I don't spend nearly enough time on my personal one at home to make the download of much use.

I will ask if I can perform the download you suggested as it would be for a "valid business purpose" (as long as it doesn't violate any licensing agreements) but if the IT folks (and/or my manager) reject the request, I still won't have any idea what the running times are.

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Maybe it's time to get an MP3 player. Some are really inexpensive - and the Holidays are a time for dropping hints to loved ones!

You could download at home onto the player, and listen whenever.

Just a crazy thought...


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[quote="jhack"]Maybe it's time to get an MP3 player. [...] Just a crazy thought...[/quote]

Manager Tools is the reason I bought an iPod.

I won't claim it's the reason I moved, but I've recently moved a bit farther from work and most MT podcasts are about the same length as my commute if I include the walk to/from my car. :-)

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I was in Staples tonight. They had a 1 GB MP3 player for $9.95 - that's right, just 9.95!

It's not as cool as an iPod, but it would hold 35 to 45 MT podcasts.


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Manager Tools is the reason I bought an iPod.

Ditto. Purchasing an iPod and subscribing to Manager Tools, for me, has been a very smart investment.

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Here's a goofy question. I found an MP3 player at home. It's a dinosaur and about the size of a cell phone from 1992 but it seems I am able to move songs from CD's onto the Lyra MP3 player. (At least on my home computer.)

If I get permission to install the software on my work laptop, is it possible to "grab" the podcasts in a format that's suitable to the MP3 player?

(If so, are there instructions somewhere because the only thing I've ever been able to do is either Play or Play-in-popup!)

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If you right click on that little icon (the orange and gray one that says "MP3 Download"), you can download the MP3 file to your hard drive. Many MP3 players allow you to drag and drop MP3 files onto the player, and no other software is required!

BTW, you should be able to look up the user manual online if you know the make/model.


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Thanks, Jhack. That helps a lot. (I found the user manual with the player.)

I got the final word today that our corporate policy does NOT allow any sort of MP3 player software or iTunes to be installed. The MP3/iPod isn't a secure device (can't be password protected, encrypted, etc.) so we're forbidden.

Looks like I have homework then - install software, download & transfer casts from home! LOL

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I do all that from my home computer, too.


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[quote="ashdenver"]Looks like I have homework then - install software, download & transfer casts from home! LOL[/quote]

I do the same. And it fits nicely with the MT "Layoff Immunization" recommendation of "don't have vital stuff only on your work computer".