Hello all,

I was recently promoted (two weeks ago) to the position of team leader and I am in sore need of advice due to recent changes in personnel as well as issues with management. I have not yet had the opportunity to do or discuss doing O3’s with my manager.

Issue 1: Currently, the team is composed of three service technicians (including myself) who operate 2-3 hours away from the others. Today the team and I received a message from one of the technicians that he turned in his two-week notice. This comes as a heavy blow to me and the team, as we also lost another technician last month. The company will be sending out additional technicians on a rotation to cover the gap, but I am concerned about the morale of the remaining technician who I will call Tech C.

Q -Tech C has been with the company 30+ years and is nearing retirement age in a few short years. Do you have any advice on how best to speak with management about this issue? And any advice on how to work towards increasing the remnant of the team’s morale and reduce additional negative turnover?

Issue 2: My manager is what you may call an absent manager. He is located 4-6 hours away from the team and only makes an appearance when hiring, firing, accomplishing year-end reviews, or a rare meet and greet over lunch. During the very short conversation where I was informed that I would be taking on the team lead position he noted a few things he desired a team lead to do: primarily controlling and leading the three times a week conference call. I feel that I have accomplished this to a large degree already. But I feel that there is much more that could be done to make my team more effeective in the feild.

Q-Ideally, I would like to schedule weekly O3’s with the remaining tech and others when the req’s are opened and filled. Due to the drive distance of 1-2 hours I would have to rotate between remote and in person O3’s. Is this a game plan worth going after? Or are there other options that may be more beneficial to the team and the company?

Issue 3: The illustration that Mark gives regarding small course corrections to avoid the proverbial ditch has been used many times in my home life. Now I can use that in a work setting also. Unfortunately, during my last annual review my manager made the statement that he “gives enough rope to people to hang themselves with.” This was very alarming to hear as it was coming from a well seasoned manager with the company...One of the few items I can think of to reduce his tendancy would be to perform O3s with my team and work to schedule professional updates with my manager.

Q – As a new team lead who is aspiring to work into management one day do you have any advice when dealing with a manager who has that mentality? Would O3's with my team and professional updates with my manager have a positive impact on his management style (severly lacking in feedback and correction)?


Thank you for your help and input!