Tuesday, 8/11/15, I received a job offer from the company, that I accepted. Today (8/14/15), they rescinded it. They found someone internal. It would've been cheaper, since I went through a recruiter.

I had already turned down two invitations to interview, because I had accepted the offer. I called one of those places and said, "They rescinded the offer because they found someone internal; i'm still interested in your position." I interview with them 10:30 am on Monday, 8/17/15.

The recruiter that received that phone call hung up on the CFO mid-sentence, and is most likely firing them as a client. In 13 years, she'd never seen someone walk back an offer.

I conducted myself very professionally with the recruiter ("that's crap; do they have any idea how awful that is?")  and their mad for me. They've got me in front of a good employer here, and I hope to have good news soon!