Hello - have a conundrum I could use some advice and authority on. For various reasons, I'm giving three weeks' notice to my current employer on Monday, and am starting at a new job on January 5. I work for a non-profit organization as the Executive Director, and I'll be making my resignation to the current board President and incoming board President.

I'm thoughtful about the idea that they may want to terminate me on the spot. I have mixed feelings about that, and would really rather stay on throughout the remainder of the notice. I want to spend the remaining three weeks helping get the ship right for when I'm gone.

My real question has to do with governance of the organization. I consider it my responsibility to steer the ship properly from a governance perspective, and I'm not sure that the current and incoming Presidents actually have the authority to terminate me. If they suggest tha tthat's what they want to do, I want to steer them properly and accordingly.

Our by-laws don't address this issue, other than to indicate that the Board will hire and retain an executive director. The executive committee is empowered to act in the board's stead if the board can't meet. 

What would you advise from a proper board governance perspective? Thanks.

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Ultimately, the decision is not yours to make.  If you have a 3 week transition plan that you can table at the same time as you resign, then you give them good reasons to keep you around during that time.

You can try arguing various points, but i don't think you can force them to keep you around and in the office during this time.  

In the end, give them reasons to keep you but let it slide if they choose not to.  

Good luck.