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I am on the tail end of my career. I am a senior individual contributor. I have been with the company over six years. In my department there are two others at my level. 

How much notice should I give when I resign?

Does it make a difference whether I am resigning to go to a competitor or early retirement?


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If you have a choice

If you care to leave with grace and goodwill

I would suggest that the more professional and complicated the job, the more time you should allow.

2 weeks is the minimum for lower skill jobs.
1 month sounds OK for professional and complicated jobs where they are leaving for another job.
I've known folks who announce their retirement 6 or more months before they leave.

You would know best how to answer this question ....

* If a colleague that I work with left, how much time would the organization need to prepare for the transition of them not being here ?

Good Luck

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I would give as much notice as practicable in order to help the organization prepare a transition plan. Even if you don't share it broadly to the whole org, your manager will appreciate a heads up so you can assist in finding and preparing your replacement. You never know what will happen in the future so build bridges, don't burn them.